Induced 1st trimester abortion in Denmark 2008 (Updated June, 2009)

Responsible: ějvind Lidegaard

5.1  Medically and surgically induced 1. trimester abortions in Denmark
          1998-2008. N = 166,459

Same in per cent

Comments: The total number of induced 1. trimester abortions decreased until 2006, and thereafter
we have seen a modest increase. The share of medically induced abortions has increased from 2% in 1998
to 45% in year 2008.

5.2  Induced 1. trimester abortions in DK 1998-2008 according to gestational age.
          N = 166,459

Same in per cent

Comments: At the same time as the proportion of medically induced abortions has increased,
women attend our clinics earlier today than before. Now more than half of all induced abortions
are done before 8 weeks of gestation. In 1998 less than 25% was done before 8 weeks. As
compared with other countries (e.g. Sweden) our induced abortions are conducted on average 1-2
weeks earlier.

5.3 Induced abortion rate (per 1,000) in DK 1998-2008 in different age groups

Comments: Women below 25 years have had a significant increase in induced abortion since year
2000, steeper the younger the women. Among women above 30 years, the abortion rates have been

5.4  Medical and surgical abortions at Danish Gynaecological departments 2008

Same in per cent

Comments: There are still differences in the proportion of medically induced abortions at
different departments in Denmark. Herning has the highest per cent of medical induction (59%).
At the other side of the spectrum Hvidovre has 26% medical inductions. It is hardly differences
in the populations belonging to the different hospitals which explain these differences, rather differences in
attitudes and opinions between the professional staffs.
Note that private hospitals and private practice now conduct 9.3% of all induced 1. trimester abortions.

5.5  Evacuation rate (%) after medically induced first trimester abortions in
          Denmark 2000-2008. Gestational age 4+0 - 8+6. N =43,407, n = 2,054
Figures at bottom in each column indicate absolute number of evacuations.

Comments: The evacuation rate has been rather stable through the last nine years.
During this period, the majority of departments changed the medical regimen from
600mg to 200mg mifepristone. This change has not changed the efficacy significantly.

5.6.  Evacuation rate (%) after medically induced abortions with GA less
           than 9 weeks at different Gynaecological departments in 2008.
           N = 8,560, n = 351
   Absolute number of evacuations indicated at bottom.

Comments: 15 of 20 departments fulfull a standard of less than 8% evacuated after medical abortion.

5.7  Re-evacuation rate (%) after surgical 1. trimester abortions in DK 1998-2008.
           N = 121,270,  n = 2,545 Absolute number of re-evacuations indicated at bottom of columns

Comments: The re-evacuation rate after surgical abortion is now 1.9%, which is less
than half of the risk of evacuation after medically induced first trimester abortion.