1.6  Induced 2nd trimester abortion 1998-2008 (updated June, 2009)

Responsible: Christina H Vestergaard and ějvind Lidegaard

6.1  Induced 2nd trimester abortions in Denmark 1998-2008
           N = 6,692.
78 unspecified 2nd trimester induced abortions not included in figure.

Comments: Since 1998 the number of 2nd trimester induced abortions has increased by 51%.

Same in per cen

Comments: Fetal conditions are are since year 2000 responsible for an increasing part of the induced
abortions, and account now for more than half of 2. trimester induced abortons.
Social circumstances (DO055-DO057) account for about 38% (decreasing) while maternal
indications account for the last 7%. There are on average 6 2nd trimester abortions after illigal acts.
The increasing number since year 2004 could be due to the new prenatal screening detecting more
fetal malformations than previously.

6.2  Surgical evacuation rate (%) after 2nd trimester induced abortion in DK
           1998-2008. N =  6,693, n = 3,744.
Absolute number of evacuations indicated with italics.

Comments: The evacuation rate has increased from 2006 to 2007 after having been stable since
year 2003. The evacuation rate corresponds to the evacuation rate after 2nd trimester missed abortion.

6.3  Evacuation rate (%) after 2nd trimester induced abortion in DK in 2008
          at different departments. N = 738,  n = 437.
          Both primary and secondary evacuations included.
Number with a surgical code versus all induced 2nd trimester abortions. Absolute number of
          evacuations indicated with italics

Comments: Again we are facing rate ratios between departments of up to 9 fold!, ranging from
11% in Frederiksborg to 100% in Gentofte.