1.6  Induced 2nd trimester abortion 1998-2010 (updated May, 2011)

Responsible: Charlotte Skovlund og  ějvind Lidegaard

6.1  Induced 2nd trimester abortions in Denmark 1998-2010. N = 8,207.

Comments: Since 1998 the number of 2nd trimester induced abortions has increased by 56%.

Same in per cent

Comments: Fetal conditions are are since year 2000 responsible for an increasing part of the induced
abortions, and account now for 55% of 2. trimester induced abortons.
The increasing proportion of foetal indications could be due to the new prenatal screening detecting more
fetal malformations than previously. Social circumstances (DO055-DO057) account for about 36% (decreasing)
while maternal indications account for the last 9%. There are on average 7 2nd trimester abortions after illigal acts.

6.2  Surgical evacuation rate (%) after 2nd trimester induced abortion in DK (Gyn dept)
           1998-2010. N =  8,206, n = 4,173.
Absolute number of evacuations indicated with italics.

Comments: The evacuation rate has stabilised on 50-60% since year 2000. The evacuation rate
is higher than after 2nd trimester missed abortion.

6.3  Evacuation rate (%) after 2nd trimester induced abortion in DK in 2010
          at different departments. N = 766,  n = 430.
          Both primary and secondary evacuations included.
Number with a surgical code versus all induced 2nd trimester abortions. Absolute number of
          evacuations indicated with italics

Comments: We are facing rate ratios between departments of up to 5.3 fold!, ranging from
16% in Viborg to 87% in Skejby.