4  Hydatid mole  (updated April 6, 2008)

Responsible: Christina H Vestergaard and ějvind Lidegaard

4.1 Number of women with a new hydatid mole in Denmark 1998-2007
After a first recording of a DO01 diagnosis in a certain woman, a restriction of 12
months was applied in order only to count new events of new mole incidences.

Comments: The number of women with hydatid mole has decreased with 48% since year 1998.
During this period the total number of pregnancies was almost stable, why the risk of mole
per 1,000 pregnancies has decreased with about the same proportion

4.2.  Number of hydatid moles at different Gynaecological departments
           during the period 2004-2007. N=332.

Comments: Moles at departments closed before 2007 are added to the nearest department. 
Among the 332 hydatid moles, 88 (27%) were complete mole (DO010),
144 (43%) were incomplete mole (DO011), 100 (30%) were unspecified mole (DO019)
including 1 case with ectopic mole (DO019A).

4.3  Development in different types of moles from 1998-2007.

Same in per cent

Comments: The fall in number of hydatid mole was primarily due to a fall in partiel mole.
Complete mole increased its share of hydatid mole from 18% in 1998 to 30% in 2007